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There is an entire section devoted to ludwig drums, including the history of ludwig drums, drum badges, drum finishes and catalog pages on their snare drums as well as drum sets. Dating ludwig drums by serial # dating ludwig drums by serial # professional / expert drum & percussion community the drum is a ludwig black and white badge black sparkle acrolite snare drum the serial is 6264126 im sure its not that old, but i just want to know the drum is in great shape thanks. Ludwig drums have a distinct advantage over gretsch when it comes to establishing a relationship between serial number and date many ludwig drums, including main line (keystone and blue/olive badges) and standards, have dates stamped inside their shells or on paper labels. Dating ludwig blue olive drums - posted in vintage venue: i recently bought some ludwigs , blue olive badges, three ply, clear interiors black oyster pearl there are no serial numbers on the blue olive badges at all the space is blank on all drums there is no signs of tampering so i presume they came out of the factory like this. The history of ludwig drums - the vintage drum guide shows you ludwig finishes, ludwig drum badges, ludwig drum set catalog pages, ludwig snare drum catalog pages and the most complete ludwig history all on one vintage drum web site.

1926 ludwig & ludwig super-ludwig model during the 1920’s and 1930’s, decorative engraving was often added to top and bottom snare drum hoops company names and model names were also stamped or engraved into the brass hoops. Vintage slingerland drum kit for sale at nick hopkin drums uk. You ludwig finishes ludwig drum badges ludwig drum set catalog pages ludwig snare drum catalog shared with me the raw data which he used when he was developing his dating guide for the blue olive badge era mr cook relied heavily upon information provided by mike machat and paolo sburlati.

Not only do i sell whole drums & stands, i also sell drum & hardware, parts & pieces however, i don't always feature them on the site if you need small hardware parts. Dating ludwig drum products can be rather easy or quite tedious in reality, the early days of drum manufacturing held no regard for dating or serializing a product for chronological relevance a future significance in chronologically cataloging a product produced by ludwig wasn't foreseen. Concert bass drums concert toms return to top. If you have a whole kit, it's doubtful some one would go through the trouble of getting badges and faking a ludwig kit (who knows), but that tom badge looks like it was glued back on in the pic it could be a tama kit that someone restored with ludwig lugs and found some badges. Kick drum, 16 floor tom and 13 tom all have ludwig keystone badges w/o serial numbers kick drum has sept 1961 ink stamp inside 12 x 8 tom has keystone badge with 398xxx serial number dating it to 1966.

Rogers drum dating list – rev 13 on 10/12/00 – found the elusive a43xx, a47xx, b06xxx fullertons9/72s (thanks to dom ‘syd’ o’leary in australia chn ages show in bold italics. A beautiful example of a 1970’s ludwig vistalite 22,12,13,16,18 & snare in excellent condition with no cracks to shells and all original hardware the badges on the kit are all pointy blue/olive, with serial numbers dating the set around 1976. Ludwig drum badge dating drum sets refine results vintage slingerland drum set this information is provided by gretch drums when you email them about badges with two major fires at the gretsch factories in the past, most of the historical records were destroyed including any documents referencing serial number details for drum production. Dating hayman drums if the badge and/or snare strainer says george hayman, then it is from 1968-69 if the badge is a 4 cm brass one with hayman - then it is around 1969-73.

Ludwig explained, most of the time when a new shipment of badges came in from our manufacturer, we still had a few boxes of them left in stock, so we just stacked the new boxes in together with the old ones. Ludwig supraphonic 400 this fine ludwig supraphonic 400 snare drum arrived at the shop this week with some more gear the most recorded snare drum of all time, this drum has loads of tone together with the invention of the plastic drum head, this drum was the sound of rock & roll. Ludwig explained, “most of the time when a new shipment of badges came in from our manufacturer, we still had a few boxes of them left in stock, so we just stacked the new boxes in together with the old ones.

Manufactor: ludwig & ludwig model: super sensitive snare drum size: 6,5 x 14 color: nickel over brass lugs: 10 tube lugs strainer: super sensitive hoops: single flanged nickel over brass condition: exc manufacturing year: 1925 - 1930 badge: none - ludwig stamped in shell muffler: first generation comments: a stunning flagship made by ludwig. One such shop was the one owned by william f and theo ludwig the exclusive leedy sales agents in chicago by 1920, leedy annual sales were in excess of $250,00000 and as the world,s largest manufacturer of percussion equipment, leedy made it all. Vistalite drums is a web site for the history and documentation of ludwig vistalite drums vistalite drum history and vistalite drum catalogs will be online in our articles section. Vintage drum bug offers top notch vintage drums, cymbals, hardware and accessories.

Find great deals on ebay for ludwig vintage drums shop with confidence. Dedicated to the cool ludwig vistalite drums and the fans of them jump to i was also wondering if i could get some help dating these 1977 i think i seem to be having trouble locating this serial number the shells are authentic ludwig vistalites,the hardware said to be ludwig 1990's and some say the badges are not authentic and some. Premier drums was founded in the united kingdom in 1922 the company has been sold a few times but remains based in the united kingdom premier drums are serial numbered and branded british made or made in england.

Badges/dating that's interesting photographs recommended sites blog ludwig & ludwig large-size wood stamp (pre- or early 1920's) leedy indianapolis circular stamp (circa 1903-1929) yerkes stamp (circa 1912-1916) nokes & nicolai badges (circa 1912-1926) jas h ward stamp type 1 circa 1909 jas h ward stamp type 2 circa 1909. 1958 snare drum early 60's tom, floor tom and bass drum all original ambassador heads recorded with two overhead mics no effects. Ludwig badges are simple characteristic indicating which era a ludwig drum could be placed the 70’s blue and olive badge started as rhombus shape with pointed non-continuous lower left and upper right corners.

Ludwig badges dating
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